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Pilates based workouts that sculpt and tone the entire body.  
Wherever you are on your wellness journey, Sorel will help you feel stronger.


The best Pilates Studio out there in the comfort of your own home.

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My blend of precise low impact moves combined with invigorating cardio and props that mimic the reformer workout will help you feel stronger, toned, and more deeply connected to your body.


Join me for real-time adjustments and personal modifications for all levels.



For those with busy schedules, move with me no matter when or where.



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Class Styles for Any Level

55-minute flow using a variety of optional props that targets all of your muscle groups to create long lean lines and a perfectly balanced body. 

Mat pilates targeted express

A 30 minute version of my signature series, focusing on building core and upper body strength, toning legs and booty, and targeting the abdominals.

40 minute total body burn

Sculpt and tone every part of your body in under an hour. My most popular series.

Ring Class

55 minute full body flow that incorporates the Pilates Magic Circle (better than the reformer) (REQUIRES PILATES MAGIC CIRCLE)

Hi I'm Sorel, I have been a certified Pilates educator for 15 years, and practicing pilates myself for 16 years. In that time I have taught over 12,000 classes, which is hard to believe!  

My main focus is to help my clients feel their best by promoting a balanced and healthy lifestyle that everyone can follow anywhere, anytime. My classes are designed for EVERY BODY to do at home, with minimal equipment, space and time. My signature method lengthens and stretches all the major muscle groups in the body in a balanced fashion, improving flexibility, strength, balance and body awareness. 

In Pilates By Sorel classes you'll find a sense of community and accountability to keep you inspired.  Can’t wait to see you on the mat!


"Sorel is hands down my favorite pilates teacher EVER. She's very thorough and straightforward in how she explains the movements as we are practicing, and she's never condescending while explaining things (which some teachers can be.) I so admire how she possess a real command of the technique- And I love that she does all of the movements with us because it helps immensely to watch and mimic perfect form."

 "I am a pretty advanced yoga practitioner so at this point I do have a regular yoga practice but I already know my stuff there and I really value that I am learning new ways of strengthening in Sorel’s classes. I love the specificity of Sorel’s classes that finds and is strengthening weak areas for me. Thank you again for all of your hard work and for showing up everyday with new moves!"

"Sorel is legitimately the best pilates teacher I’ve ever taken from. She explains things so well and specifically and I’m so aligned with her whole philosophy about slower and deeper. So many workouts are like go as fast and as hard as you can which to me = injuries.  Plus Sorel always mixes things up and it’s just so, so good."

"Beyond giving me a daily routine and sense of normalcy - Sorel is  the best Pilates teacher I’ve ever had! My alignment and specificity have improved and I legitimately feel stronger with every class."

What our students think

Michelle and Tenaya have created a welcoming community based around fitness. Every workout is different, fun, and leaves me feeling strong. They are always willing to help their clients with any modifications for injuries, pregnancy, or on the days that you are feeling more sore than normal. I have had the privilege of taking their classes in a studio and virtually. No matter where I take class, I know I am always going to get a great workout from these inspirational women.
I took my first class with Tenaya and Michelle in 2012. I have always been a studio junkie and workout enthusiast who will try anything, but the one workout that has stuck for the longest is the one with these two women. It has a lot to do with the class itself (it is never the same class twice, challenges both mind and body, got me in the best shape of my life and back to it after my first child) but it ultimately boils down to the instructors. Tenaya and Michelle are very intuitive on so many levels. They pace the classes perfectly and mix in intervals and rest time just enough to keep my heart level up, they understand each student's level, background, etc. and incorporate this into any adjustments and modifications (which they are always happy to give), and they both have a wonderful aura of calming yet motivating energy in every single class. Oh, and their music selection is always on point! I am so glad I get to take their classes online now that I've moved to the Bay area so I can continue my hopefully lifelong love affair with their workout method!
I’ve been going to Tenaya and Michelle’s classes for 7 years and can’t recommend their classes enough. They really focus on you as a whole person—not only does my body feel challenged in a healthy way during every class, I feel so relaxed and rejuvenated afterwards. There’s always a lot of variety and fun and they’ve created such a warm community. The classes are really special, and I’m glad they were able to continue the strong momentum and spirit virtually—not an easy thing to do, but they pulled it off!

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